Why wedding photographers join wedding studios

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Wedding photographers either work for themselves or join wedding studios. Recently, there are more and more wedding photographers choosing the route of joining wedding studios. Why is this so?

1. It is tough to manage everything yourself
As a freelance wedding photographer, you have to manage everything yourself – marketing, sales appointments, actual photo shoot, and the post-shoot editing. It can be really tiring and it will take a toll on the photographer. If the photographer feels tired, his work performance will be greatly affected and this is highly dangerous. He does not want to risk doing a poor job for his customers. Not only will it ruin the customers’ wedding, the wedding photographer’s reputation will also be affected in the long run too! On the contrary, wedding photographers who join wedding studios only have to concentrate on the actual photo shoots and sometimes also the post-shoot editing. As they are more passionate and specialized in the shooting, they will do their work more efficiently and feel less tired.

2. They can earn more joining wedding studios
Freelance wedding photographers secure much fewer wedding photography contracts than wedding studios. In the consumers’ eyes, wedding studios are much more reputable and reliable. Wedding photographers who join wedding studios such as Grandeur Wedding Studio are typically earning more than freelance wedding photographers. This is because the wedding photographers at Grandeur Wedding Studio are constantly kept busy at work. In fact, their schedules are packed with wedding photo shoots almost every day in the month. As they are highly utilized by the wedding studios, the wedding studios also reward them accordingly for their efforts so that the photographers will feel adequately compensated for their efforts. Comparing a scenario where one takes 100% of the profits out of a small pie and one who takes just 10% to 20% of the profits out of a much bigger pie, the latter option can be much more rewarding. It is no wonder that many people chooses the latter option.

Being A Professional Bridal Photographer In Singapore

Know a photographer or want to be one? Here are some of the most important tips and things you should note and know about being a wedding photographer in Singapore.

  • It is not a commonly talked about career path in Singapore, however, it is actually one of the more lucrative ones. Do you want to make $4000 to $8000 / month and with increasing wages? Then joining a good photography studio like Grandeur will help you achieve that. You see, the reason why good photographers get paid so much is because they are rare. Many people can take a photograph, but to take photographs so well that a couple can trust you with your photography skills for the single most important moment in their lives (usually) thus far, is another thing altogether.
  • Being a photographer requires very odd working hours and this is especially the case for wedding photographers. People in Singapore usually get married or have their actual wedding day on a weekend or public holiday. This means that for you to capture their wedding photographs, you would need to work on most weekends and/or public holidays .However, the great flexibility that allows you is that you are usually free on the busy and peak working hours and you can definitely feel free to sleep in on those days where everyone is complaining. That’s a lifestyle that’s hard to match. If you love wedding photography, then these unique lifestyle benefits will be very good for you.
  • It’s not just taking photographs at a wedding or perhaps post or even pre-wedding photography session. It’s about the editing of the photographs after the ‘event’ is over. This is the behind the scenes work that many people don’t see and envy a photographer. However, it’s a good lifestyle with hard work behind it as well. Just make sure to know there is more hard work to this awesome lifestyle than it shows.

Engaging A Bridal Photographer In Singapore – What You Need To Know

Here are some key things that you must know when engaging a bridal photographer in Singapore (www.grandeurweddingstudio.com/photography-singapore/).

  • Does the photographer take nice photographs? Just like beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you have to make sure that the photographs taken by the wedding photographer is nice in yours and your spouse’s eyes! Sometimes, what’s nice in another person’s eyes may be terrible in yours and vice versa. This is your spouse’s and your wedding, so make sure that you two approve of the quality of the wedding photographs before deciding to engage a particular photographer!
  • Does the photographer have any particularly good or nasty reviews online? Chances are, most people won’t review a particular wedding studio or photographer unless he or she is particularly good or bad. This is the reason why you will notice that most reviews are very extreme – either very good or bad. However, do take note that some of these reviews may be biased so usually the good reviews may not be that great and the bad reviews may not be that bad in reality.
  • Remember to account for one space in the bridal car for your wedding photographer! If you do not account for that one seat, he or she would not be able to follow you in the car and help you and your spouse take any photographs in the bridal car. Therefore, make sure to leave one seat for him or her (usually he or she will sit in the front passenger seat while the couple will be at the back seats) so that photographs can be taken.
  • Most photographers require a 50% down payment, which you’re required to pay to book their time for your pre-wedding photoshoot or actual day wedding photoshoot. The remaining will be payable a few days before the actual shoot or on the actual day itself. This varies depending on the studio / photographer’s own requirements and company policies!

Why Singapore Is A Unique Location For Wedding Photography

In my opinion, Singapore makes for a unique location for couples looking to take their pre-wedding photographs, and the truth is maybe that is not just my opinion. This is because many couples DO choose Singapore as their destination of choice especially when it comes to their wedding photographs. There are couples, even in neighboring countries like Malaysia (or slightly further away like India) who travel all the way to Singapore just for one photoshoot… so you can imagine just how alluring SG is for couples who want their pre-wedding photoshoot. Many Singapore couples also have their images take in SG as well.

The following are some of the reasons I believe contributed to the attractiveness of Singapore as a pre-wedding photography destination of choice.

  • It’s small. This means that you can very easily travel from one end to the other end of Singapore (via taxi or car) within 45 minutes. This is good if you need to travel to many different locations for your SG wedding photography. Of course, there are countries like Italy which may offer lots of attractive overseas wedding photography venues like Venice and Milan, but you need to spend an entire week there. Unless you have a 5 digit budget, you’re better off in Singapore. There are lots of beautiful locations such as Hort Park, Gardens by the bay in Singapore which are only minutes away from each other.
  • Secondly, Singapore has both rural as well as urban backdrops. Not every couple is going to like the same type of photography. Some prefer having an urban backdrop (e.g. right in the middle of Orchard Road), while others prefer somewhere quiet like Tuas or Upper Seletar Reservoir area. Additionally, there are also lots of good wedding photography studios in Singapore which provides you with indoor studio shoots if that’s what you’re searching for!!
  • Next of all, Singapore also has lots of talented wedding photographers who work for a living. So why bother going to elsewhere if you’re going for your photographs? Just stay or come to Singapore for your prewedding photography session

Best Locations For Your Wedding Photo Shoot

Here are some of the best locations in Singapore that any professional photographer would recommend to you for your wedding photo shoot. Hopefully you like them too.

  1. Gardens By the Bay
    A hot favorite among foreigners who come to Singapore for their wedding photo shoot, Gardens By the Bay is certainly very beautiful and makes for a beautiful backdrop for wedding photographs for couples. With nature and a futuristic feeling combined, it is no wonder that the Gardens are so popular with couples looking for an amazing backdrop for their pre-wedding photo shoot. However, do take note that if you want to capture the most beautiful images at the Gardens, you should go there in the early evening (e.g. 4pm to 5pm) onwards. This will mean that you can capture photographs with the Gardens in the backdrop in the day time, as well as capturing photographs there in the dark with the beautiful lights of the Gardens being fully illuminated around 8pm onwards. You can simply get a 5 hour photography session at the Gardens By The Bay.
  2. Botanic Gardens
    One of the UNESCO Heritage Centres around the world, the Botanic Gardens was already a hot favorite among couples many years ago. With lots of flora around the entire park, beautiful pavilions and small lakes, it is one of the best places to take pictures if you love nature.
  3. Hort Park
    If you do not like any of the above 2 suggestions, then Hort Park will definitely appeal to you if you are a nature lover. Although it is significantly smaller than Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens, Hort Park is the most beautiful park in Singapore that you can possibly find. In fact, there are many couples who also get married in there (e.g. the actual day wedding ceremony).
  4. Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool
    Rihanna has gone to MBS’s infinity pool for a photo shoot as well, and many couples have gone there as well. This is because it is really beautiful on a clear skies day and when there is no haze. From there, you can look out into the horizon and the CBD while enjoying the breeze and jaw-dropping looking infinity pool. Despite being so close to the city, but due to the extreme height, you cannot hear the busy traffic below you. That is one of the biggest reasons why MBS is so popular both with tourists and couples looking for places for their wedding photo shoot.

How To Find A Good Wedding Photographer In singapore

Not everybody and every couple knows how to find a good wedding photographer in Singapore. Here are some tips for you to find the best photography services for your wedding or perhaps even just the pre-wedding photo shoot.

  1. First of all, I would highly recommend you and your spouse / fiance to decide whether you want an indoor photo shoot, outdoor photo shoot or both. Not everyone has the same preference and the same budget, therefore, it is important for you to discuss with your significant other and find out what you two really love and want.
  2. You no longer need to look offline or ask friends for help when it comes to wedding photography services. With the Internet, you can easily find photographers based in SG simply by performing a simple search online on search engines. You will be able to find hundreds of websites belonging to photographers and studios in Singapore.
  3. You just need to dedicate a few hours aside and sit down with your fiance and look through these portfolio to find out which website’s images you love the most. Shortlist a handful of these websites and their contact email or phone number.
  4. Now, you want to ask these photography studios for their prices and then note these down so that you can compare later after all of the studios you have contacted have replied you. (I use studios loosely to represent both individual photographers and photography studios in SG).
  5. Decide what you want your budget to be, and then base your final choice of 1 or 2 studios on that. There is a reason why I ask you to set your wedding photography services budget after asking them for the prices and not before. This is because if you were to set a budget for this before you ask for the prices, it may be exceedingly low. Most studios which take good photographs will not be able to charge a dirt cheap price, and when it comes to wedding photography, you should only pick the best. Choosing a wedding photographer is not like picking up a packet of Maggi noodles at Giant or Sheng Shiong. It’s about picking a service which will stick to you for the rest of your lives, because most people only get married once, and these photographs are meant to last forever 🙂
  6. Find these 1 or 2 studios, and engage both if you have sufficient budget, or you could simply choose the one you like more.

Getting Married In Singapore – Photography And Gowns?

Some of the most common things you will need to think about if you know you’re going to get married is to think about which wedding photographer to get and where to get your wedding gown rental in SG. There are lots of planning that goes into a wedding in Singapore – namely restaurant booking, church booking (if applicable), wedding car rental, wedding cake, photographer and videographer, and wedding gowns.

However, two of the most important things as mentioned above which most couples will be taking the most time to consider will be the wedding photographer and the wedding gown!

Finding a wedding photographer

When looking for a wedding photographer, there are 3 main criteria that you need to know. First of all, you should check out a photographer’s portfolio. You and your spouse must like the portfolio by the wedding photographer or studio. Sometimes, your spouse / fiance may like a different style of photography than you do, so make sure to discuss and check out the photographer’s portfolio together. Most photography studios in Singapore will put up their portfolio for all to view like GWS has. So just simply check out their website or Google Plus / Facebook accounts and you can see the past photographs they have taken before for other couples in Singapore. Second of all, the prices of the photography package need not be exactly at what you’re hoping for or cheap. You should set a price range and shortlist those which fall within that range. There’s usually such a huge variance in the prices of wedding photography packages in Singapore that having just an exact pricing is unrealistic to find good photographers. Third of all, make sure to have talked to the photographer or at least conversed over the phone with him or her. Imagine if you didn’t like the photographer, can you imagine him or her being around you all the time on the actual day of your wedding ceremony? That would be disastrous!

Renting a wedding gown

When it comes to renting a wedding gown, always remember that it’s more about the fit and less about the design. Don’t get so caught up by what is popular – this is YOUR wedding. Choose something that fits YOU and which YOU like. Most wedding gown companies in Singapore allow for both rental as well as purchase of their bridal gowns, therefore that is not an issue.

Facts about the Singapore Wedding Photography Industry

A career as a wedding photographer in Singapore is exciting, unpredictable, hectic, and fun. Speaking from experience, every day as a wedding photographer is very memorable for me. Every day is different. The things that a wedding photographer has to deal with every day are not routine. No doubt, the job scope of a wedding photographer may be fixed. However, the way to go about doing the job can be very different. For instance, when it comes to taking wedding photo shoots, as each customers have their own preferences, the wedding photographer will have to customize the photo shoot to suit the customers’ requirements. For people that loves photography and a fast-paced work environment that requires creativity, joining the wedding photography industry may be the right choice for you.

However, there is little known about the wedding photography industry in Singapore, such as the working hours, exact job scope, earnings, and etc. I will like to provide some insights on them. Hence, here are some facts about the Singapore wedding photography industry:

1. Flexible Work Schedules
Most wedding photographers in Singapore have flexible work schedules. They can determine the days they want to go on leaves as long as they make advance arrangements. Normally, they will surely be working on the weekends as most photo shoots are scheduled on the weekends. Moreover, wedding banquets are usually held on the weekends as well. Hence, wedding photographers can take leaves or offs on weekdays. Their earnings depend on how many days they work each month. The more days they work, the higher they will be paid. For those hardworking wedding photographers who want to earn more, they can choose to work everyday provided they have enough demand for their wedding photography services.

2. Good Salary
A wedding photographer in Singapore earns a good salary. Given that the wedding photography packages normally cost between two to five thousands dollars, the wedding photographers can be taking home at least one thousand dollars for each package after subtracting admin and equipment costs they may have to pay out to their hired staffs or company. For each package, the wedding photographer will need to put in a day of work to handle the photo shoot and perhaps another day to handle all the post-shoot editing. For two days of work, the photographer can be taking home one thousands dollars. If the wedding photographer works twenty days in a month, he can be taking home ten thousands dollars.

3. Low turnover
The wedding photography industry experiences a low turnover rate. This is due to the good amount of profits earned per photographer. Hence, they are satisfied with the pay and the work life balance that the job can give. The reason behind the sustainable pay is partly attributed to the barrier to entry to the profession.